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Friday, 16 May 2014

Who said IT security wasn’t fun? Check out the funniest CISSP video, ever!


The CISSP is an advanced level certification for information security professionals. As one of the most prestigious security certs, it gets a lot of attention from tech publications, forums and blogs, including ours.

Earlier this week we presented you with four killer resources to prepare you for CISSP exam success, and now we are bringing you something different, but equally killer to conclude this week.

Who said IT security wasn’t fun?

With the CISSP under your belt, you’ll be an expert in developing and managing security standards, policies, and procedures within your organisation. This is all very serious because millions of pounds may depend on your company's security systems, but don’t think that security professionals don’t have a sense of humour.

Javvad Malik is a blogger, publisher, critic and most importantly an IT security professional. Javvad is a true CISSP-enthusiast, as you may recall him from an earlier post, where he demonstrated how to rock a CISSP.

Besides running his own blog, Javvad is also one third of the unholy Infosec Trinity, known as Host Unknown.

I'm a C I Double S P

According to a recent interview with (ISC)2 Board Members Wim Remes and Dave Lewis the CISSP membership “may be seen as middle aged and out of touch.”

Well, Javvad and his trustee companions Andrew and Thom beg to differ. As they wrote on their Host Unknown blog: “the CISSP has always been for people of varied backgrounds and skills, and like a good pair of flared corduroys, has never really gone out of fashion.”

But a simple blog post won’t fully justify their views, so the tech-triumvirate took it even further to prove their point. And what could possibly be a better way to do that, than recreating a timeless classic by Mr Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent (30p at today’s exchange rate).

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Peter writes for Firebrand Training on a number of IT related topics. This includes exams, training, certification trends, project management, certification, careers advice and the industry itself.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Yves Le Roux: How infosec pros can help EU data protection


(ISC)2’s information security professionals publish articles regularly on Computerworld UK’s Infosecurity Voice blog. This time the author is Yves Le Roux, policy group lead at the (ISC)2 EMEA advisory board, who blogged about how “infosec professionals can help shape EU data protection”.  

Governments have finally realised the importance of recognising and controlling information security risk. With the new draft data protection legislation the EU’s cyber security strategy has made its first steps towards addressing the risks that people and businesses face on a daily basis in today’s technology-dependent world.

Although the initiative is taking on a serious matter, it does not mean that legislators have the relevant experience and knowledge to understand the impact and response that may be needed.
The new legal framework will affect us all; therefore it is vital that everybody involved considers the influence of such legislation.

It’s a task of great significance, so the advising security professionals must get to know the legislation first. Once all aspects, including the overall intent as well as the actual measures, have been assessed, infosec pros may point out all infeasible elements and make suggestions.

All in all, “the job ahead for legislators, privacy and compliance professionals as well as technology and information security professionals  is to understand the intent of what needs to be achieved , and then come together to understand the structures required to govern and properly manage the intent.”

To read the full article by Yves Le Roux visit Infosecurity Voice

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Sarah writes for Firebrand Training on a number of IT related topics. This includes exams, training, certification trends, project management, certification, careers advice and the industry itself. Sarah has 11 years of experience in the IT industry. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Course Launch: (ISC)2 Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP)

The CISSP-ISSMP course teaches you the standards and regulations of IT security management, as well as the legal and ethical issues. You’ll learn about project management, risk management, business continuity and how to create security awareness programs. You'll become competent in the five domains of the CISSP-ISSMP CBK - and gain the certification. 

The three-day accelerated course is 40% faster than traditional training and certification.

(ISC)2 has created the CISSP concentration courses to help IT security professionals develop their CISSP credential. 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

4 Million Information Security Professionals?

Frost & Sullivan surveyed 10,413 information security professionals from around the globe on behalf of (ISC)2. They estimate the number of information security professionals in 2010 to have been approximately 2.28 million (over 617,000 in EMEA). The number is supposed to increase to almost 4.24 million (1.15 million in EMEA) by 2015.

2010 – 2015 Forecast for Information Security Professionals: