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Monday, 22 October 2012

Security Threats in 2011 – by Month

Symantec released a powerful report called the Internet Security Threat Report (Read here). It gives a comprehensive analysis of internet security threats with several sources. The Symantec Global Intelligence Network is made up of over 64 million attack sensors, recording thousands of events per second. Here is a monthly overview of what happened in 2011.

  • A Scam is created using an Indonesian Facebook app to steal Login information
  • Scammers take advantage of the Serrana Flood in Brazil to take donations
  • Anonymous hacks HBGary Federal (security firm)
  • Android trojan released in unregulated Android Marketplaces
  • 429 scams used to target unrest in Egypt and Libya
  • US law enforcements and Microsoft take down the Rustock botnet
  • The mobile threat Android.Rootcager appears on the official Android Market
  • 419 scams take advantage of the Japanese Earthquake (fake donations sites and malicious attachments
  • Hackers repackage Googles tool for removing the Android.Rootcager with a new Trojan; Anroid.Bgserv
  •, Comodo Registration Authorities and are hacked and fake certifications are created of Hotmail, Google, Yahoo!, Skype and Mozilla
  • Iran discovers new virus dubbed “Stars”. It is believed to be similar to the previous Stuxnet-style attack
  • Malware found registering into Facebook applications
  • Spammers use the British Royal Wedding for campaigns and SEO poisoning
  • Playstation Network was hacked. Sony shuts down the service while restoring security
  • Court order is awarded to the FBI to shut down the Coreflood botnet with ‘delete’ command.
LulzSec logoMay
  • Phishing and malware attacks spiked due to Osama bin Laden’s death
  • The hacking group LulzSec starts up with the slogan “in I for the LULZ”
  • “tagging” spam campaign spreads across Facebook
  • A free version of Blackhole exploit kit is leaked
  • LulzSec hacks the cyber security consulting company Black & Berg and refuses the $10,000 offered as a price
  • LulzSec hacks the US Senate, CIA, FBI affiliates in response to the US Government declaring that cyber-attacks could be perceived as an act of war
  • LulzSec is attacked by TeaMp0isoN/th3j35t3r
  • Operation AntiSec begins
  • The Bitcoin virtual currency is hacked (currency exchange service)
  • The certificate authority is hacked by DigiNotar which leads to end of the company
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Mar 6, 2012
  • Microsoft offers a $250,000 reward  for information which will lead to the arrest of the creators of Rustock
  • Amy Winehouse’s death is used to spread Infostealer.Bancos (Trojan used to gather financial information)
  • Phishing attacks are found with fake trust seals
  • Spammers take advantage of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 in order to harvest email addresses
  • Pharmaceutical spam exploits the Delhi bomb blast
  • Microsoft shuts down the Kelihos botnet
  • W32 is officially discovered. May also be the virus Iran found in April named “Stars”
  • The Libyan leaders death leads to several spam campaigns spreading malware
  • Attackers behind the Blackhole exploit kit start spam campaign based on Steve Jobs death
  • The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report shows that Java is now the most exploited software
  • Relatively Peaceful…
  • The global affairs analysis company Stratfor is hacked
  • Spam falls to the lowest levels in 3 years
To read the whole in depth article, click on the following link:

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

AntiSec Hackers state ‘FBI tracked 12 million iPones and iPads'

The hacker group Anitsec has claimed that it has gotten hold of FBI data containing over 12 million Apple ID numbers linked with tons of personal information.

AntiSec Logo
To prove the statement, they have released 1 million of the ID’s stating that “a million would be enough”.

They added that the information associated to the Apple ID numbers include full names, mobile numbers, addresses and zipcodes.

They have not included this part of the information in the release of the 1 million ID’s, only giving the Device Name, Device Type and of course ID.

Identity theft is among the many worries now in the mind of millions of iPhone and iPad users who can now check if their device is on the list.

An identifier has been released which checks if your ID is in AntiSec’s list (put together by The Next Web). All you have to do is find your ID number in the summary section on iTunes once your device is plugged in, then copy the 20+ characters into the identifier found here:

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Pussy Riot Court hacked by Anonymous

The Moscow Court that sentenced the Pussy Riot band had its web-site hack on Monday. The Khamovnichesky District Court was filled with anti-Vladimir Putin slogans, a Pusyy Riot song and a video uploaded.
The three female band members were jailed on Friday their anti-Putin songs and their protest in a Moscow cathedral in February.
The hacktivist group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack with the following message in Russian:
"We are American group Anonymous. We don't forget and we don't forgive," another message read: "The justice system has to be transparent. Pussy are alive".
The hackers also uploaded Pussy Riot latest song; Putin is Lighting the Fires of the Revolution, and embedded a video of a famous gay Bulgarian singer, Aziz.
A spokeswoman for the court stated that they only discovered the attack a whole day after; Tuesday, which is when they took the web-site down.
Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Yekaterina Samutsevich (band members) were found guilty of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" and have been jailed for two years. They have already spent 5 months in prison.