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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Friday, 13 July 2012

Microsoft WPC 2012: Day Four

Firebrand had an enriching experience, learning about Microsoft’s plans for the following year. We engaged and focused around what matters most – taking advantage of the opportunity we have to succeed together. 1.5 billion people use Microsoft products every day, and now Microsoft wants to help us target the other 5.5 billion.

Our checklist:
  • We’ll continue networking and engaging with partners via WPC Connect and engage with the online community via DigitalWPC
  • Compete to win and drive customer satisfaction
  • Focus our attention towards: Windows 8, Office 365 in the cloud, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Phone 8
  • We’re gearing up for the Windows 8 RTM release the first week in August and general availability at the end of October
  • Top 8 tech trends: Cloud, Data, Social, Natural Interaction, Ecosystem of Computers, Consumerization of IT, Connectivity, and Machine Learning
  • Understand the MPN Competency Updates
  • Familiarize ourselves with the new MPN branding
  • Nominate 500 eligible non-profits serving youth in their communities for the What’s Your Cause Challenge

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Microsoft WPC Day 3: It's a New Era

Jon Roskill opened up the keynote and explained how partners and Microsoft will work together in the coming year. Kevin Turner talked about Microsoft’s vision of the cloud service for every person, every device, and every business.

Some of the big announcements of the day were:

IDC Study: A recently commissioned study by IDC issued a report showing that a 50-person Microsoft partner organization with approximately US$5-10M in revenue and 2-5 competencies can realise US$320,000 in value directly attributable to MPN benefit utilisation.

Tools to Compete and Win: Kevin Turner shared Microsoft’s commitment to helping partners succeed by delivering solutions above competitors in the market including growing virtualization growth at twice the rate of VMWare and outdueling Google Apps with Office 365.

MPN Competency Updates: Some of the updates to the MPN Competency include a new Application Development competency, a new Collaboration and Content competency, an evolved Desktop competency, and a revamped Digital Marketing competency. 

New MPN Branding: Microsoft has announced new partner strategy and programs. These enhancements are implemented with partners in mind.

Microsoft Translator: Commercial availability of the Microsoft Translator Hub is now available.

Windows Server 2012 Innovations Showcase:
Over 20 partners showcased applications and hardware supporting the new capabilities of Windows Server 2012. This ecosystem of partners ranges from OEM, IHV, ISV and ODMs supporting technologies in networking, storage, virtualization and application developers. 

Watch live stream and the day’s talks on DigitalWPC