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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How to disable Java - new vulnerability found


If you are one of the millions of users who has the Java plugin installed on any of your web browsers, then you could be at risk.

A new vulnerability has been discovered in the Java plugin that allows hackers to use malicious code to access information from your PC.

The US government has warned everyone with an official announcement through the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team’s (CERT) site, stating that the bugs in the program were being exploited to commit identity theft and other crimes. You can find the announcement here:

Oracle-Sun, the company who created Java are currently working on resolving the issue, but until then the safest option is to disable the java plugin. They recently released an update to the plugin but the US Department of Homeland Security warned that it does not do enough to protect computers from attacks, so it’s still advised to disable the plugin until further notice.

"Unless it is absolutely necessary to run Java in web browsers, disable it," – CERT

How to disable Java on Windows

To disable Java on a Windows PC, go to the Control Panel. Open the Java icon, click on the Security panel and uncheck the box that says "enable Java content in the browser."

How to disable Java on Mac

To disable Java in Mac OS X, click on the Apple symbol symbol at the top right; select System Preferences. On System Preferences, type in Java and select the highlighted panel. One opened on a new console, click on the Security tab and on the security settings, and unclick the box which says Enable Java content in the browser. Finally, click Apply and you should have disabled Java in OS X.

How to disable Java on your web browser

To disable Java on your web browser, click on settings; then ‘Extensions’ or ‘Plugins’; find the Java plugin and disable it.

How to disable Java

Further information is available from Oracle on its Java website.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to prepare for your Certification - Oracle

Oracle Certification
Oracle University gives us some tips and key step in earning your Oracle Certification. Although the video is only designed for Oracle certifications, it still is very relevant to all certification types.
Paul Sorenson explains that by following the 5 steps below, you will be well prepared for your exam and ready to receive your certification.

1) Research the certification's requirements
2) Review the test objectives and identify gaps
3) Build your personal study plan
4) Execute your study plan completely!
5) Practice!

What steps do you take to prepare for your exam?

Friday, 25 May 2012

Oracle offers Beta Exams

Oracle offers a series of Beta exams, which they use to test and evaluate new exam questions. The exams are offered at discounted prices and contain about 120-200 questions. If you pass the beta version of the exam in an Oracle certification path, you will gain your Oracle certification and will receive it via mail.

To know more about the Beta exams and the availabilities, visit:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Job opportunities for professionals certified in Oracle

Oracle has released a new resource for Oracle Certified professionals to find job opportunities in the cloud.

Oracle has partnered with Elance – an online employment platform for freelancers and consultants - to help Oracle Certified professionals find work in the cloud. 
Thousands of projects for Oracle Certified professionals are available on Elance.

Elance is free to join and offers Oracle Certified professionals and Learning Partners the opportunity to find relevant work, which can be performed online and you can also get paid via Elance.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

How to prepare for your next certification

Oracle University has created a video which teaches you how to efficiently prepare for your Oracle Certification. It is valid for all other certifications as well.

Paul Sorenson, Global Director of Oracle Certification, gives some recommended guidelines to study for a certification.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Decreased Time, Increased Salary

IT professionals are earning more than ever. Salaries have increased by 7.5% in 2011, compared to 2010. A report on reveals that average salary in the industry has increased from £43,000 to £46,000. As if that wasn’t enough, more than half of professionals receive a bonus, with the average payment now at 19% of their annual salary.

The IT industry is officially back on track.

Even during the height of the recession, Firebrand continued to grow. Time is money, and more and more professionals needed to spend little time outside the office and more time earning.

IT is booming and now is the time to grab your next IT cert. So why not get certified faster than anywhere else?