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Monday, 29 August 2011

Write, Right

Firebrand has become the UK's official Information Mapping Training Partner. Information Mapping is a research-based method that helps capture, communicate, and manage information more effectively to increase operating efficiency, improve customer service, and comply with regulatory requirements. Francis Declercq, CEO of Information Mapping International said “We are very glad to broaden our Partner Network with Firebrand Training, a very reliable and well known training partner providing the fastest route to training and certification.”

Firebrand’s model of accelerated learning, with a certification at the end has again been applied. In three days, professionals will improve their business communications skills, operating efficiency and customer service.

Robert Chapman, CEO of Firebrand Training says: "Firebrand has developed another world exclusive. Following the emphatic-14-day-MCSE and the pacy-3-day-PRINCE2, we announce the busiest business writing course around."

Information Mapping will help UK companies improve their documentation and marketing materials. This proven method also benefits government agencies and non-profits who need to deliver their messages in a clear, simple and consistent way.