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Friday, 12 May 2017

BBC report on Firebrand's police force cyber crime training

This morning, Firebrand Training’s unique Cyber Crime Pathways Programme featured on BBC Breakfast News.

The BBC covered an exclusive insight into how non-technical police officers are trained and skilled in the cyber security investigation and forensic techniques required to catch criminals.

The Cyber Crime Pathways Programme, delivered using our unique accelerated training approach, shows frontline police officers how to effectively respond to the rise in cyber crime across the UK.
Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s leading technology reporter, watched as a team of police officers infiltrated a simulated hacker’s lair.

The high pressure scenario required the police to utilise their training to efficiently find hidden devices and collect the forensics evidence needed to identify the cyber criminal.

Interviewed on BBC, DC Steve Mersh said: “It’s a case of learning the practical skills that we can utilise, no different to a finding a gun at a crime scene that we can make safe from the public and attribute to the criminal”.

Missed it this morning?

Since the Cyber Crime Pathways Programme launched in 2014, Firebrand has trained 659 police officers across 80% of all police forces in the UK. Part of the 960 accelerated courses taken by police are hands-on, practical crime scene simulations like those featuring in the BBC programme.
At a time when you’re more likely to be a victim of a cyber crime than any other offence, the UK is dedicated to upskilling their force to combat this growing threat.

“Back in the day, the officers would simply turn up and literally just pull the electricity supply out of the back of the computer, bag it, tag it and send it away for a forensic investigation which could take months before they got back with anything meaningful” says Phil Chapman, Lead Cyber Security Instructor at Firebrand Training.

Phil continued: “We’re proud to provide accelerated cyber security training to local police forces across the UK. Cyber crime is one of the largest threats to businesses and consumers today - our police need the know-how to respond to this unique form of criminality.

“Firebrand has developed an amazing partnership with local police forces across the UK and we’re excited to share our ongoing work with the BBC.”

Get the skills you need, fast

It's not just the police force that need to prepare for the growing threats of cyber attacks. With two-thirds of large UK businesses the victim of a cyber attack in the past year, it's time you secured your business.

Get the cyber security skills you need to defend your organisation, fast. Choose from 50+ accelerated cyber security courses covering the full requirements of your business across technologies and disciplines.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Shock your brain into learning faster

 By Sarah Morgan

Now you can learn Microsoft in minutes and Cisco in seconds, thanks to neurostimulation. Firebrand Training is firing electric energy at students’ brains in the classroom, with astounding results. They call this ‘electric-learning’, or e-learning for short.

As the providers of Accelerated Learning, Firebrand Training is constantly looking for new ways to help its students learn faster. They’ve now taken this to controversial new levels, by sending electric signals to students’ brains through a futuristic headset. All with very few side effects…

It sounds like something from the Matrix; though increased brain functionality is possible using neurostimulation. Through transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) a constant current is applied to the surface of the scalp, which increases cognitive performance.

Introducing the Firebrand FastLearn Headset

Firebrand’s Learning Labs have worked with the country’s leading scientists to develop the FastLearn Headset. The student puts the headset on for 10 minutes just three times a day, and their learning speed is supercharged to 10 times the speed of traditional training. The headset wraps a magnetic coil over the student’s scalp, inducing an electrical current in the brain.

Scientific studies have proven that tDCS has the ability to enhance attention span, problem solving and memory. This is because synapses are jolted to conduct nerve impulses 10 times faster, allowing information to pass between neurons more quickly.

How to learn at 10 times the speed of regular training

Studies showed students using tDCS were able to learn technical IT skills 10 times faster than the control group. Weeks later the students still had those new skills, meaning tDCS allowed them to unlock their brains’ true potential.

Firebrand’s Lead Instructor Yardis Alpolfo explains: “Firebrand students learn through 12-hour training days, so every four hours they come to our FastLearn Lounge, to get a quick blast of electricity to the brain. Neurostimulation has been proven to be completely safe, through rigorous FDA clinical trials. We’ve trialled the headset on some of our staff; all are expected to make a full recovery, and only a few have lost their hair.”

“We also offer IT apprenticeships, and the younger generation are mad for the tDCS. They’re gaining a lifetime’s worth of IT knowledge in a week – and taking this back to the office and embarrassing their bosses. Now those bosses are sending more of their staff to Firebrand to learn faster.”

About the Author:        
Sarah writes for Firebrand Training on a number of IT related topics. This includes exams, training, certification trends, project management, certification, careers advice and the industry itself. Sarah has 11 years of experience in the IT industry. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Win a £250 Amazon voucher + 10 x £25 vouchers

Firebrand is offering you the chance to win a £250 Amazon voucher - or one of ten £25 vouchers. To get your name in the draw, simply fill-in this three-minute Windows Server Survey.

So, what’s the survey about?

The survey is based around the question of when you or your company is integrating Windows Server 2012 into your network.

This short survey will help in creating a national benchmark on when the UK is moving to Windows Server 2012. It has been released to manufacturers and offers hundreds of new features spanning “virtualisation, networking, storage, user experience, cloud computing, automation, and more”.

£250 for your thoughts and 3 minutes of your time, sounds like a deal huh?

All entries must be received by Friday 17 August. The eleven winners will be drawn at random and notified by email, by Friday 31 August.

What would you buy on Amazon with £250?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Firebrand NORDICS Wins Awards...

We’re delighted to announce that Firebrand Training NORDICS has again been named as a Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year. In only three years of existence, Firebrand NORDICS has won this award twice. We’ve also retained our Training Partner of the Year awards from EC-Council and (ISC)2.

Over 30,000 professionals have trained with us. The reason?  Frank Højgaard, Managing Director, explains: It is fantastic to receive awards and recognition from Microsoft. Thousands of students have experienced Accelerated Learning with Firebrand Training, and it has proven a massive success in the Nordics. We gain feedback from each of our students, and there is a clear trend in why they continue to recommend us. This includes: saving both time and money, being able to focus 100% on learning in our distraction-free environment, and leaving the course with a guaranteed certification. The award confirms that this is a winning combination.”

One example of how fast we are is the 12 day Microsoft MCTS/MCITP Enterprise & Server Administrator course. Traditional training would take 51 business days overall. We’re 400% faster. Firebrand saves the customer 41 business days. One can get both the certs in just 10 business days.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: "Firebrand Training is growing rapidly and is focusing on having Microsoft as a strategic business partner. The professional and flexible approach has played a role in ensuring excellent results. This has benefitted both the customer and Microsoft."

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Now Hacking Can Kill...

Hundreds of the world’s hackers descended on Miami for Hacker Halted 2011. The reason? To learn about the latest hacks that will hit your IT systems in the coming months.

Firebrand was on a fact-finding mission, to add the latest techniques to the world’s most popular Ethical Hacking course. Below lists the some of the most shocking stats from the conference.

2,000,000 – the number of new malicious websites detected every month
100,000 – the number of new malware screened every day 400% - the rise in Android mobile malware compared to 2010 £50m – the estimated global cost of the Zeus trojan virus
110 – average days to fix a security vulnerability on a website 44% - percentage of the world’s websites that have a serious security exposure every day of the year 70% - percentage of IT professionals and chief executives that say mobile computing is now the biggest threat to IT security

Robert Chapman, CEO of Firebrand Training says: “The stats from Hacker Halted are a reminder that we’re all more vulnerable than ever. There are thousands of new threats every day, and there currently aren’t enough ‘cyber defenders’ to deal with them.”

“The scary thing is that it’s not always about money. One hacker demonstrated how a wireless insulin pump could effectively be used to deliver fatal injections. It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. But it’s here now, and it’s very real.”

Monday, 24 October 2011

Firebrand Wins Another Award...

We're delighted to announce that Firebrand Training has again been named in the Top 20 IT Training Companies in the World. We've won this award twice in a row.

The list was compiled based on the following criteria:

  • Leadership and innovation in IT training
  • Breadth of IT training and delivery methods offered
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Strength of clients
  • Geographic reach

Ken Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of said: “Our Top 20 IT Training companies stand out as the best providers in a very competitive segment of the training industry. Companies demonstrated that they could cover a broad range of topic areas in the modality of choice for their clients”.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Stop, Collaborate, Listen - to SharePoint

One of our instructors explored his creative side in his SharePoint Class. Joel is a Microsoft Certified SharePoint 2010 specialist andMicrosoft Certified Trainer. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Praise of Stupidity

Why employers start sweating hearing “IT training” from their staff? Because their brain is immediately redirected toward two magic words: budget and time out of the office. Software Quality Connection has published an article explaining the reasons why IT managers prefer stupid developers.

  1. The budget. No surprises: IT courses have a price. But sometimes it’s the only option if the company wants to keep in pace with IT innovations and be competitive on the long run.
  2. Time out of office. While you are training you won’t be likely to sit at your desk and keep carrying out your tasks. Whereas a loss for your company in terms of work done, which, traduced in IT managers jargon, means a loss of profit.
In 2001 Robert Chapman and Stefano Capaldo, inspired by the Accelerated Learning method, founded Firebrand Training. This method allows reducing the time out of office and its effectiveness is proven by more than 25.000 successful stories of certification and quality awards. IT training can take 2 days now and generate important ROI. Still praising stupidity?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sweden is the Best in the World at IT

IT in Sweden has been ranked better than any other country in the world.

The World Economic Forum has published the latest Global Information Technology Report (GITR). Since 2001 the GITR series has monitored the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector; raising global competitiveness within the industry. The report ranks countries from one to 138.  

Based on the Networked Readiness Index calculated over the last ten years, several factors are taken into account. The UK is in 15th position; with Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany ranked higher. We will raise the profile of ICT in the BeNeLux region even further - Firebrand is in the process of introducing IT training in the Netherlands.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Firebrand in the Nordics

Firebrand Training Nordics, named Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year in 2010, offers accelerated training and certification from vendors including: (ISC)2, EC-Council, CompTIA, Oracle and Microsoft. Frank Højgaard, Managing director, explains the success of the company in an interview with IT Europa:

“Firebrand’s rapid growth has been based on the Nordics’desire for IT certification, and the need to gain it quickly. We’re seeing a real hunger for IT training, despite these testing economic times. As the economy begins to grow – and the organisations begin to hire – an IT skills shortage is developing. Despite the recession, technology has continued to develop; this means that organisations are now playing catch-up, and ensuring that their employees’ skills are up-to-date.”

Integration of knowledge in the IT sector has become a need for many experts, as Frank highlights: “business process experts are becoming more attractive – but more so ‘cross-technical experts’. It’s not now not enough to be an expert in only one field, you need to understand its integration into related technical areas (e.g. ERP experts also need to be familiar with the technical platform in terms of Enterprise Portal,SQL Server, etc.).”

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What is Accelerated Learning?

Firebrand Training provides you with the fastest route to professional certification, through accelerated learning techniques. Brin Best talks about Accelerated Learning in his latest blog post.

He explains that, since the 80s, our understanding of the brain and the process of learning has dramatically improved; the new research has allowed us to rethink the ways that we teach, and consider their relevance in light of most effective learning.

Accelerated learning proceeds at a faster rate, and includes the promotion of a positive learning environment. Brin points out that "accelerated learning occurs when at least the following three elements are all present:

  • Learners are physically ready to learn
  • Learners are psychologically ready to learn
  • Teachers use appropriate teaching techniques"

Firebrand Training provides tranquil and distraction-free IT training locations where there are no time restrictions; which is conducive to learning. Teaching techniques, such as original lecture / lab / review process, assure a varied and in-depth approach to keep the day interesting and engaging. These methods have allowed Firebrand to earn recognitions and International IT Awards within the sector.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

World Exclusive: PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification in 3 Days

Firebrand has become the only training provider in the world to offer both PRINCE2 certifications in just three days; 40% faster than traditional training.

Students will gain both PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications, including sitting the exams, in the three days.

This world exclusive PRINCE2 training is currently being offered in March and April to Firebrand alumni only. A full launch is currently scheduled for late April.

Monday, 31 January 2011

A Student's Blog From Firebrand MCITP Enterprise Administrator Course

This blog post is a few months old now, but remains a great insight into what it's like studying behind the Firebrand walls. A first-person view of Accelerated Learning!

If you want to see what MCITP Enterprise Administrator training is like, take a look at this Cert Forums post.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Firebrand Training Expands Further - Now We're In Luxembourg

Firebrand Training has officially expanded its business to Luxembourg. The country has a population of more than half a million, and is the world's only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy.

Luxembourg is famed for its high-speed rail links and communication networks. Accelerated Learning will surely come second-nature to the nation bordered by Belgium, France and Germany.

Robert Chapman, CEO of Firebrand Training explains: "Due to its location in the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg has developed a highly sophisticated IT and telecommunications infrastructure."

"The IT population of Luxembourg needs Accelerated Learning to help it to continue to develop at this electric pace."

"We will be offering our full portfolio - including MCSE, CCNA, and PRINCE2 certifications."

Friday, 7 January 2011

UK First - Firebrand Introduces Electronic PRINCE2 Testing

Firebrand Training has become the only authorised PRINCE2® training provider to trial delivery of the Practitioner exam electronically.

When this option is exercised, you will leave with the
PRINCE2® results in your hand - unlike with most training providers, where you would have to wait months for your results.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Firebrand in Top 20 IT Training Companies in the World

Firebrand Training has been named in the Top 20 IT Training Companies in the world, by Selection for the Top 20 is based on the following criteria:

  • Leadership and innovation in IT training
  • Breadth of IT training and delivery methods offered
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Strength of clients
  • Geographic reach
A massive thank-you to all of our 25,000 students for this global recognition.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Free Webinar - Learn How to Hack!

Firebrand Training is hosting a free webinar, in conjunction with EC-Council. The First Look at Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) webinar takes place on Thursday 9 December at 1pm UK time. Content will include a look at the latest hacking and forensic techniques, necessary to protect your business.

Grab a seat on this limited event by filling in the registration form. This three-hour training will highlight the latest security threats, and how to beat them.