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Friday, 28 July 2017

5 Ways To Conquer Your IT Recruitment And Training Strategy With Apprenticeships

UK businesses could gain an additional £18bn revenue from apprenticeships, Government research reveals. With over 665,000 individuals already started apprenticeships since 2015, the UK Government has accelerated its apprenticeship reforms in England, with new legislation like the Apprenticeship Levy making apprenticeships an irresistible solution for organisations with inefficient recruitment and training budgets.

Current employers are enjoying the financial and practical benefits of IT apprenticeships, and are also taking advantage of the rewards offered by the Government by doing so. Apprenticeships are helping improve IT training and recruitment strategies for small and large employers – here’s how your business can take advantage of the benefits...

1. Slash your IT recruitment costs

Companies that find niche IT skills will likely spend a small fortune on recruitment. Firebrand’s free, fast recruitment service means all you need is to send a job description and we’ll source the best candidates for you to interview.

With more young people choosing to get into IT through vocational routes, you’ll have access to a growing pool of future professionals looking for an alternative route into IT. Through apprenticeship recruitment you’ll employ motivated and passionate professionals, not candidates with irrelevant experience and skills.

Currently hiring and need some help? Send us a job description here and we’ll see if apprenticeships might be right for you.

2. Fill your skills gaps through personalised programmes

83% of apprentice employers say they rely on apprenticeships to fulfil future skills needs, according to the Learning and Skills Council. Demand for IT expertise is mounting, and UK businesses are struggling to find qualified employees they need to satisfy current and future skills requirements.

IT apprenticeships and training

Because Firebrand runs over 400 training courses from vendors like Microsoft, CompTIA, EC-Council and Cisco throughout the year, the apprenticeship programmes are fully flexible. This means you can select specific training at any time that suits you, and create custom-built programmes that suit you and your apprentices.

Browse our customisable programmes here.

3. Cut high staff turnover

According to the Learning and Skills Council, 4 in 5 apprentice employers say they have crushed turnover rates since taking on apprentices, with a further 88% saying apprenticeships have led to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

Plus, apprentices that successfully complete their accelerated programmes can become excellent ambassadors for your business, helping attract future waves of talented staff. In fact, 76% of apprentice employers polled by the National Apprenticeship Service say they promote their apprenticeship credentials when pitching for new business or talking about their company.

Read more about how we find top apprenticeship talent here.

4. Upskill current staff

Apprenticeships can be an effective route to specialising existing employees in fields like infrastructure support, cyber security, networking, data analysis and cloud technologies.

By placing existing employees on role-specific apprenticeships, your business gets new skills without significant financial investment. You’ll get full facilitation support from approved training providers - like Firebrand - to make the most out of the training.

Talk to us about upskilling current staff here

5. Only pay 10% of the training cost

Employers with wage bills of under £3 million now benefit greatly from financial support from the Government. 90 percent of the cost of apprenticeship training is paid for already, meaning you’ll pay just the remaining 10 percent of the full cost of award-winning accelerated training. Plus, if your organisation has less than 50 employees, you won't pay a penny.

UK-based employers with a pay bill of over £3 million must invest 0.5 percent of it in hiring apprentices through the Apprenticeship Levy. Monthly payments are transferred to a digital Apprenticeship Service account (and topped-up by 10 percent by the Government), where funds can be spent on training across a range of employer-led, role-specific programmes, including:

Find out how paying for apprenticeships works here.

Improve your training and recruitment strategy with apprenticeships.

Request a consultation or call 0800 081 6022

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Bring in new skills and save a fortune with apprenticeships – find out how at Microsoft Inspire

Learn how to grow your business with Microsoft apprenticeships at this year’s Microsoft Inspire, based in Washington DC. Apprenticeships are customisable programmes built to bring new skills into your business and offer a compelling alternative to hiring graduates.

Firebrand will be hosting three “How to make the most out of Microsoft Apprenticeships” roundtables during Microsoft Inspire 2017. This is your opportunity to meet Firebrand and get the insight you need to hire apprentices quickly and easily.

Firebrand is inviting everyone attending Microsoft Inspire 2017 to a series of roundtable sessions with Firebrand co-founder, Stefano Capaldo. Regardless of which roundtable you attend, you’ll learn:

  • How Microsoft Partners can make the most out of apprenticeships
  • How Levy and non-Levy apprenticeship funding works
  • Which apprenticeship programmes are available
  • Which apprenticeship programme is suitable for you and your business
  • What it’s like being an apprentice employer
  • What support is available from training providers

Every roundtable is an interactive, 60 minute closed-group discussion. Reserve your place fast, because there’s a limited number of places available. The roundtables are scheduled for:

Once you’ve registered for the roundtable, we’ll invite you to the meeting through MyInspire.
Microsoft Inspire is a brilliant opportunity for Partners to network and Firebrand’s “How to make the most out of Microsoft Apprenticeships” roundtable will be no different. This is your chance to take advantage of Firebrand’s apprenticeship experts and get expert feedback from fellow Microsoft Partners.

You’ll also get the opportunity to meet with existing Microsoft apprentices and learn about their experiences in the UK lounge – keep an eye out for Firebrand’s all-star apprentice, Guen Dang.

Sign-up for the “How to make the most of Microsoft Apprenticeships” roundtable now!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Firebrand launch new Microsoft Azure Apprenticeship programmes

The use of cloud technology is rapidly increasing but businesses across the UK are failing to progress their cloud projects because of a lack of skilled Azure professionals.

“Today 80% of our customers have already deployed or fully embraced the cloud – by 2020 the idea that a company has ‘no cloud’ would be as rare as a ‘no internet’ policy is today” says Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group.

But despite the rapid uptake of cloud technology, the industry is experiencing a massive skills shortage. Azure skills were the hardest to source, according to a 2016 study of Microsoft Partners from Curotalent.

Microsoft is committed to closing the skills gap with their pledge to create 30,000 new digital apprenticeship roles by 2020. As part of this, and in time for the imminent arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy, Firebrand have launched four new accelerated Azure apprenticeships.

“We’ve developed these accelerated Azure apprenticeships to reflect the knowledge and skills demanded by UK businesses.

“We’re excited to see these apprenticeships shape and develop Azure skills for the next generation of IT professionals" says Stefano Capaldo, Firebrand’s Managing Director.

Built by Firebrand -- in partnership with Microsoft – these new Azure apprenticeships are the first of their kind to align to existing National Apprenticeship standards. Each apprenticeship also includes £10,000s of accelerated Microsoft Azure training and certification.

How to get new Azure skills in your organisation, fast

Four new Azure programmes, built around in-demand job roles and designed by industry trailblazers, are now available to employers and apprentices.

Azure Infrastructure Technician

Azure Infrastructure Technicians learn to support internal and external customers by resolving virtual and on-premise queries. Apprentices will also study virtual machine (VM) administration.

Accelerated training includes:
Apprentices on this programme will develop into your next helpdesk technician, infrastructure technician or Azure network support professional.

Azure Software Developer

Azure Software Developers learn to design, build and test Azure solutions and applications. These apprentices will also learn how to build and host application infrastructure in Azure.

As well as official Microsoft Azure courses, accelerated training includes:
This programme will teach apprentices how to become an Azure mobile/application/systems/web developer.

Azure Cyber Security Technologist

Azure Cyber Security Technologists will use their specialist cloud knowledge to identify cyber threats and risks to organisations and people. Azure Cyber Security Technologists will also specialise in cloud platform and infrastructure security.

As well as official Microsoft Azure courses, accelerated training includes:
Typical job roles for apprentices on this programme include: cloud security architect, cyber operations manager, penetration tester and security engineer.

Azure Network Engineer

Azure Network Engineers focus on virtual networks whilst learning how to design, install and support communications within an organisation. Azure Network Engineers will become experts in network configuration and administration.

As well as official Microsoft Azure courses, accelerated training includes:
Apprentices on this programme will develop into network technicians, network administrators and systems engineers.

Are you planning for the Apprenticeship Levy yet?

With the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, all businesses in the UK are now hugely incentivised to hire apprentices.

The Levy will change the way apprenticeships are funded. Here are three things employers need to know:
  1. Employers with a UK wage bill of over £3 million will pay the monthly levy
  2. Levy payments will be 0.5% of their annual pay bill
  3. Employers will control payments in a digital account where funds can be spent on apprenticeship training
  4. Non-levied employers will only pay 10% of the cost of apprenticeships, government will pay the remainder
Use your Levy on Azure apprenticeships, close your cloud skills gap, and move ahead with your Azure projects. Find out how you can hire and train Azure apprentices at little-to-no-cost right now.