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Top 10 TOGAF resources you don’t need to pay for


You won’t have to shell out any cash for these useful resources. From exam simulators to enterprising ebooks – you’ll definitely be in a better position to pass your TOGAF 9.1 exam first time.

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 In no particular order...

1. TOGAF Exam simulator

Manuel Di Toma has created a nifty resource for Enterprise Architects studying for their TOGAF 9 certification. Manuel has ensured this exam simulator has been verified by TOGAF® 9 certified Architects. However, it’s worth noting that The Open Group are not directly involved in this resource.

Create a basic account and you’ll be able to save your exam progress and return to it later by logging in.

Access it here.

2. TOGAF 9 in pictures

Created by software company Orbus, this resource is incredible for visual learners. Though not complex enough to rely entirely upon, this resource will make for an undeniably useful revision tool.

You’ll have to spend 2-3 minutes creating an account to access the pdf file but it’s a small price to pay for this useful document.

3. TOGAF 9 Multiple Choice Questions

Composed by enterprise architect, Chris Eaton, and hosted on his blog, these questions mimic the multiple choice sections of the TOGAF 9 exam. Thanks to a great community response, Chris has also released a set of exam scenario questions.

There aren’t many of either question type but it remains a great means of preparation for your TOGAF exam.

Find both sets of questions, in pdf format, here.

4. Another set of TOGAF 9 Multiple Choice Questions

This time the questions are provided by Udayan Banerjee. The set of practice questions are simply hosted on his blog and do not require a download. Make sure you scroll down for the answers!

5. But wait, there’s more! TOGAF 9 Foundation Multiple Choice Questions

Hosted by Glasgow based Techbolo, this is a treasure trove of TOGAF foundation exam questions. Created through PHP, this exam format allows you to resume, skip and return to previous questions.

6. Official TOGAF courseware

This goldmine of slides, reference cards, templates and white papers will be a great supplement to any Enterprise Architects revision efforts. Not to mention, these are official TOGAF resources from The Open Group, so you know you can’t go far wrong.

7. Enterprise Architecture for Dummies 

This 55 page presentation is a great introduction to TOGAF. Despite it being clear that this resource originally accompanied a verbal presentation, it’s still worth checking out.

8. TOGAF 9.1 Quick Start Guide for IT Enterprise Architects 

‘Why would anybody need a short 60 page book on TOGAF 9.1 if TOGAF itself is a 690 page architecture framework?’ asks Wolfgang Keller in the preface to his book.

Well, Wolfgang argues that whilst TOGAF 9.1 covers most things in-depth, it doesn’t provide a quick overview for IT enterprise architects.

‘There are areas of an IT Enterprise Architect’s task list which are not covered by TOGAF at the moment. This makes it a rewarding task to give people interested in TOGAF an idea of what they can expect and what they have to find elsewhere.’

Access his 60 page eBook here.

9. Frequently Asked Questions about TOGAF

If you just want a broad overview of everything TOGAF has to offer, this is a great place to start. These questions are all ones we are asked regularly (and yes, we did create this resource ourselves)

10. ‘TOGAF Distilled’ from Orbus Software

These well produced videos provide a minimalistic overview of TOGAF. There are 8 in total and each cohesively describes a top-level view of the enterprise architecture.

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