Friday, 9 August 2013

Ben Sykes – the success story of an apprentice


It is our pleasure to write about an exceptionally committed young man, who has proven himself a true firebrand. Ben Sykes, a Firebrand apprentice of Supplenta Ltd. has accomplished a great set of goals during his time in the apprenticeship scheme. Not only did he become a valuable member of Supplenta, but he also got nominated for the Microsoft Apprentice of the Year award.

The story is already a success as it is, but it gets better. Thanks to Ben’s hard work and his manager’s dedication and guidance, he managed to score 100% on the first sit of his MTA Networking Fundamentals exam, which is truly outstanding.

Ben Sykes and his manager at Supplenta, Simon Harris
Ben Sykes and his manager at Supplenta, Simon Harris

In a recent article Ben said: “For me the apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity to go to work, earn some money, and get to learn the stuff I enjoy while I am at it… Being someone who likes technology I thought that the Microsoft apprenticeship would be great because I get to learn on the job and at the end I will have a Microsoft accreditation under my belt. I have also been able to get out of the school environment and get into the working world. 

I have been tasked with answering the phones to customers. I have been doing phone and email support whilst at Supplenta… Each of the weeks I have been away for training at Firebrand has been brilliant, I have been able to pass all of the MTAs and the Comptia Server+ without requiring any retakes which is a complete turnaround since last year at college, the apprenticeship was the perfect thing for me and I am still happy to this day to be a part of it."

Stories like Ben’s demonstrate the great potential in youngsters, as well as the need for continuous support and boosts to apprenticeships! Congratulations Ben!

If you want to become the next success story as a Firebrand apprentice, go to our Apprenticeships site. 

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