Friday, 26 July 2013

Where to find the best IT internships


It’s tough to find a graduate job in IT at the moment. You’ve probably heard the usual spiel about hundreds of thousands of new grads flooding the job market, so Inspiring Interns are here to help you find the best IT internships available. An internship can help start your career by giving you necessary work experience and develop your technical skills in a professional setting, but before you even start the search you need to make sure you know what you’re looking for. So without further ado…

What kind of internship should you apply for?

Take some time to sit down and browse your CV. Ask yourself about your existing skillset, soft skills and technical skills, and think about the skills you would like to develop or learn about. It’s worth asking yourself the clich├ęd question, where would you like to be in five or ten years’ time? Laying out a potential career path and selecting the right internship at this stage in your career will set you in good stead to make the most of your internship and using it as a stepping stone towards your career.

Use a recruitment agency

As an internship recruitment agency, we’re bound to put this as the first option, but recruitment agencies can often hold the key to many opportunities you may not have been unable to find or hadn’t even considered. A good recruitment agency will be able to talk you through the state of the graduate job market, help you with your CV if necessary and hopefully land you an interview at a company you’re interested in interning with. Lots of graduates ask why companies bother with recruitment agencies? They save time for their clients (many smaller companies do not have HR departments) and are able to dedicate specialist knowledge and resources to finding the right person for their vacancy, so give them a go!

Search online

Your first stop online? Google. Try a selection of keywords and be specific with your searches – now that you know which skills you’d like to develop you can avoid the generic results for ‘IT internships’ and be precise; think ‘JavaScript internship London’, for example. You should also consider job sites like or job search engines like adzuna that will have hundreds of internship opportunities listed at any one time. 

Lastly, approach companies speculatively. Compile a list of companies you might be interested in interning with, find their HR/hiring manager’s name and email, and drop them a line asking about internship opportunities and stating why you think you would be a brilliant intern for their company. If you have already applied through the regular channels for a role, it does no harm to drop someone within the company an email to highlight your interest and express enthusiasm for a position.

Social media

It’s important that you take advantage of the plethora of possibilities that social media offers in your IT internship-hunt. As a potential IT intern and member of generation Y, you will be expected to be a digital native. Check out LinkedIn and Twitter and use these platforms to get in touch with HR/hiring managers. Make yourself searchable online – list your technical skills in your online profiles and mention the fact that you are looking for an internship. 

As mentioned above, follow up your application with a short message and don’t be anxious to ask about internship vacancies. You never know, you might be saving a company time and money by contacting the right person at the right time and find your perfect internship in the process! 

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This article was provided by Inspiring Interns.  Inspiring specialises in finding graduates internships in London and throughout the UK. Of the graduates they find internships, 66% earn themselves a permanent job with their host company.