Monday, 1 July 2013

Get your boss to watch "A tale of two Guys"


We've commissioned a 3 minute film that explains why Firebrand are different from other training providers. We're confident that once you've watched our new video you'll never want to attend a traditional training course again. 

Of course your boss may still have a problem sending you to train with us - so get them to watch the video too.

In just three minutes you'll both know Firebrand deliver twice as much training as regular courses and that you'll take official exams at the end to prove what you've learnt. Much less hassle, time out of the office and cost overall.  

The film was made by Screen Glue and directed by James Tovell

About the Author:
Robert Chapman is CEO and co-founder of Firebrand Training. He has had a varied career covering hardware, software, services, from a management, sales and technical perspective.