Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fast Pass launches in 24 hours - two years of training for just £12,000


Firebrand Fast Pass
Firebrand turns 12 on Thursday 1 August. Our 35,000 students have taken 120,000 exams and saved one-million training hours since 2001.

To celebrate, we've launched the Fast Pass - two years of Firebrand training for just £12,000 (+ VAT). Theres' only two days left until the launch - which goes on sale at 10.00am Thursday 1 August.

Be one of only 12 to get Fast Pass

This offer is only open to 12 people. With Fast-Pass you'll be able to attend all Firebrand courses once, without paying another penny until the pass expires on Friday 28 August 2015. You’ll save thousands of pounds and every course is covered by the Firebrand certification guarantee.

You can buy your Fast Pass on the Firebrand website at 10.00am on Thursday 1 August.

Use Fast Pass immediately

You can use your Fast Pass as soon as you buy it. Which means you can start with all our most popular courses, including:
If you want to find out more about Firebrand or you need to convince your boss or finance team that this is the best training investment you'll make, watch our Tale of two Guys video.

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