Tuesday, 11 June 2013

MCSE SharePoint 2013 exam tips


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SharePoint 2013 is part of the new version of Office making it easier to stay connected, access files, and maintain messaging security. The MCSE SharePoint certification proves that you have expertise in helping your company organise, sync, collaborate, and share information.

Here are the top five tips to passing your MCSE SharePoint 2013 exams from Joel Jefferey - our SharePoint instructor.

Top five tips for your SharePoint 2013 exam

1. Pace yourself
You have a limited amount of time and a lot of questions to answer. Give yourself a time limit per question - and stick to it.

2. Look out for clues in later questions
Sometimes you can find two or three questions spread over the course of an exam that, when read together, can only have one logical combination of correct answers.

3. Eliminate the stupid choices
Although all question choices in the exam must be viable areas of SharePoint 2013's object model or platform, there are usually still one or two obviously incorrect choices which helps narrow down the correct answer.

4. Look out for trick questions
Sometimes Microsoft puts in choices that are more applicable to a previous version of a product or technology, but which would not work on the new platform.

5. Leave no question unanswered
There is no "negative" marking in Microsoft exams. You only accumulate points for correct answers; no additional marks are deducted for incorrect choices.

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