Monday, 6 May 2013

Microsoft Training Camp #3 - How to play ping pong?


Windows 8 logoMicrosoft recently released three insane commercials for its Asian markets. They were removed from their official YouTube page but thanks to the power of the internet have been brought back.

They're quite difficult to describe. But let's give it a try...

Windows 8 Training Camp: Piano

On this video you see two people playing the piano and ping pong at the same time. The video is meant to describe "work and play".

Windows 8 Training Camp: Watermelon

The second video involves three guys slicing up watermelons with their fingers to show the "power of touch".

Windows 8 Training Camp: Makeup

The third and possibly favourite of the three, is three women competing to see who can put on their make up in just 10 seconds without any mistakes. Symbolising the beauty and speed of Windows 8.

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