Thursday, 30 May 2013

AC Firebrand – early days of the roaring Lions


Yesterday evening saw the first pre-season training session of the newly formed AC Firebrand Team, based out of Regent Street, London, coached by company co-founder, Stefano Capaldo, ably assisted by the ever young Jason Crane, alias Nutmeg-King. 

The session got underway after everyone had unpacked their brand new, exquisitely designed team kit and got dressed, ready for action. Prior to the action getting fully underway, the team’s official photographer, Julian aka Mr Canon, took a few snaps for posterity. Certainly the last couple of photos will be enough to put the fear of dread into any team about to face AC Firebrand, affectionately known as the Firebrand LIONS! Much like walking out at the fabled Anfield, many teams will be beaten before walking onto the pitch; such is the sight of these gallant men at arms. 

After a precisely directed photo-shoot, action finally got underway.  As there were 10 players initially, the lads decided to split up into two teams of 5. 

The Lions

The contest was firm but fair. The whole team had plenty of running to do in the early stages, having to chase the ball around a lot and this took plenty of energy away, but like true Firebrands of war, they carried on and sweated blood for the cause. 

All in all, we could witness a very fine first training session and the squad is looking fit and sharp for the coming weeks, with the first league game coming next week, at the same venue.  A large crowd is expected, and anyone working in London next Wednesday should come down and cheer on these Giants of the modern game, watch them snarl, watch the opposition fade, as they power their way to victory. 

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