Friday, 26 April 2013

Thank Firebrand it's Friday - Third Edition


So we're now well an truly into the third week of TFiF (Thank Firebrand it's Friday). Last week we spoke about one way trips to Mars, your own personal Iron Man suit and lightsabers.... definitely a post for Fridays.

Hopefully this week will be more closely related to Enterprise Technology...

Oh my, it actually happened

This is what we call falling at the first hurdle people, there I was think I'd be talking about technology and certifications, then I spotted this beauty of a video. I joked last week about purchasing a life size Iron Man suit and wearing it to work, turns out someone actually went ahead and did exactly that. I really hope its a result of reading my article (it's not, I think).

I really enjoy the section around the 23 second mark where he does a little dance in the suit, Iron Man definitely should not dance.

Search Engine Hacking

Now this next video is not about the fun, in fact it may leave many of you deeply concerned about your own personal or business information available within Search Engines. So if you work in the world of information security and are responsible for your companies sensitive data, you really should take the time to watch this video from Stephen Chapman. In a very short time period Stephen highlights some very simple hacks you can implement within Google to find images of real life credit cards and scans of highly sensitive business material, take note.

Microsoft and Green Technology

I stumbled across Microsoft's 88 Acres website while researching Green Technology. This site gives the back story to how Microsoft went about creating their 88 Acre corporate campus and how they revolutionised the way they implemented energy efficiency gains and energy savings. Take some time to to visit 88 Acres and read up on how Microsoft invented their data driven software solution and how they are now helping building managers across the world deploy the solution.

Did you know that commercial buildings currently consume an estimated 40 percent of the worlds total energy? The software Microsoft are currently championing could vastly reduce the worlds carbon footprint whilst saving ££££ millions for companies worldwide. Working in Green Technology, maybe we have your attention now?

The Comic Keyboard...

I need a bit of ridiculous in my life, and this TFiF post is dangerously close to being sensible. Which is why I'm happy to introduce you to the comic book keyboard. Sick of managing Windows Server or typing presentations and security reports on a drab keyboard? You need the comic keyboard stickers from Etsy.

Source: Geekologie

Buy them now and brighten up your life by shouting "SHAZAM" every time you hit enter or "EXCELSIOR" every time you create a space.

That's it, except for the Killer Robots.

So there you have it; balance, 2 stupid and 2 sensible. Till next weeks instalment of TFiF, unless we are destroyed by Killer Robots. Thankfully there are smart people out there campaigning for a pre-emptive strike preventing the creation of Killer Robots.

About the Author:
Edward is a member of the Marketing team overseeing the Content Strategy for Firebrand. Working in the Industry for 2 years, Edward has experience with Microsoft Technologies including SharePoint 2007 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Edward writes for a variety of Blogs and Publications on all things Technology.