Friday, 19 April 2013

Thank Firebrand it's Friday - Second Edition


Welcome to the second edition of TFiF (Thank Firebrand it's Friday). If you didn't catch our last TFiF post you missed out on the evolution of Lego, controlling you PC with a motion sensor and a full scale Lego Data Centre. It was a good day.

This week lets just get straight into the ridiculous stuff....

I am Iron Man

This week saw the UK premier of Iron Man 3, the latest in a long line of Marvel films. Whilst I'm sure the film will be great and the masses will be in awe; let's be honest, how could it ever compare to owning your very own life sized Iron Man suit.

"Darling, forget the the standard suit and tie for Monday, i'm heading to work in my Iron Man suit."

Of course if you actually own this suit you're probably single...

Image Source: Gizmodo
Forget Mark's & Spencers, forget Moss Bros, it's time for Marvel, and rocking in at roughly £5600 ($8500) it's cheaper than some custom Tailor made suits in the market, bargain.

Human settlement on Mars by 2023

If you've been keeping abreast on the latest news via the BBC, you may have spotted an article earlier this week concerning Mars One. The Dutch, Not-for-Profit organisation claim they have developed a 'realistic' plan to establish a settlement on Mars by 2023. Mars One claim the feat is possible and is built upon existing technologies presently available from proven suppliers (an all good space retailers no doubt).

Image Source: The Mars One

Planned technology includes the SpaceX Dragon capsule, the Mars Rover, and space suits akin to those worn by the Apollo astronauts. Mars One have subsequently announced the imminent opening of one-way applications for the trip to Mars. I wonder if I could volunteer a select few?

Let us know who you would send on a one-way ticket to Mars in the comments section below.

Technology you'll just never need

I stumbled across Ultrasabers the other day whilst working (honestly!). Their tag line..."are you in search of Custom Lightsabers, FX Lightsaber and Star Wars Lightsaber Conversions, or parts to Build Your Own Lightsaber?".  I wonder how many of you read this and thought, 'well what a coincidence, yes I am', more than a few I bet, I certainly did.

A large part of me thinks we could spend our time building technology for far greater cause. The Star Wars fan in me however, suggests I run round the garden swinging my Custom Lightsaber wildly whilst making whooshing noises and making my very own re-enactment of the final battle between Luke and Darth Vader. Well, that's Sunday sorted....

Till next TFiF

Well there you have it, three loosely related (completely non related) tech stories for a Friday afternoon. Next week I actually plan to tie some stories in to certification.

Unless you ask me not to.....get in touch and let me know your thoughts.

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