Monday, 15 April 2013

Hackers in China infiltrated The Times for 4 months


Chinese hackers persistently attacked The New York Times for four months, and managed to infiltrate its computer systems and get the passwords of its reporters and other employees.

Although the hackers thought they remained undetected for all those months, The Times and the security experts they hired were keeping a watchful eye on what it was they were looking at and to make better defences to block them. Security experts easily expelled the attackers and can now keep them from breaking back in thanks to the information gathered.

Security experts at Mandiant found that the hackers tried to hide their whereabouts by first penetrating computers at United States universities and routing the attacks through them.

The hackers installed malware that gave them access to any computer on The Times’s network. The malware was identified by computer security experts as a specific strain from computer attacks originating from China.

Security experts also found evidence that the hackers stole the corporate passwords for all employees working at Time and used them to gain access to the personal computers of 53 employees outside The Times’s newsroom. But no found evidence was found that they used the passwords to get further personal information.  Customer data was not stolen.

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