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Video: CEH v8 - Certified Ethical Hacker


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Jay Bavisi, Co-Founder and President of EC-Council, gave us some information on the highly anticipated Version 8 of the powerful Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v8) credential. Watch below.

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If you want to enter the IT security industry (the fastest growing sector in the IT industry), CEH is the one to go for. As an ethical hacker, you’d attempt to penetrate the networks or computers of the organisation you work for. Why would you do this? "White hat" ethical hackers are widely sought after to help find and fix the vulnerabilities that would otherwise be exploited by "black hat" criminal hackers. Demand for CEH professionals continues to grow. Due to the alarming increase in cyber attacks over the past decade, organisations are looking for ways to protect themselves and tighten their security. The CEH course and certification covers all that is needed to identify system vulnerabilities and countermeasures.

Video Transcript:
My name is Jay Bavisi, and I'm the President and co-founder of EC-Council, the owners and creators of the Certified Ethical Hacking credential. I think what's interesting about the Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8 are a couple of things.

First and foremost, it's the credential of EC-Council that has obtained the prestigious ANSI17024 ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation status. We are one of the very few organizations in the world that have obtained this very rigorous accreditation standard, and we're very proud of that. We're now going to be able to offer the same experience to the users that are going to be actually attaining this credential through our training partners across the world.

There are many structural changes that we have brought in with Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8 to ensure that the entire user experience, the entire learning experience is really enhanced and improved. To mention a few, Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8 will see massive immersion of the
user to skills based competency from the previous knowledge based competency, and we have done that by the introduction of the EC-Council iLab environment, which requires the student to actually do what they claim they think they can do, both in a classroom environment and  eventually when they attain the certification.

So students will actually be sitting in a classroom, no longer just understanding the theory or the concepts or the tools that they play with. But they'll actually be experiencing a real life scenario through the complex iLab environment. We're talking of an entire IT infrastructure that's collaborative in nature, where you will have different students actually planting flags. Some of them are playing defense, some of them are playing attack, and some of them are conducting actual penetration tests right there in the classroom. That's what the Certified Ethical Hacker
Version 8 brings to the table that we were never able to do without the iLab's technology.

The second most interesting thing about Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8 is that we're the first organization in the world to have actually mapped our course to the newly released Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Server 2012 platform. So students will not be dealing with archaic technology and archaic vulnerabilities, but they will actually be dealing with the real life environment of what they're going to be facing in their employment in the months to come, from the time they obtain the certification.

The third and the most interesting thing about the learning of the Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8 is that we have understood that a student needs to experience far more learning than beyond the five days that they experience in a classroom environment. We think that the only way
you will reduce the gaps of information security leaks that organizations face is if we can have a learning experience that goes throughout the year and throughout the lifespan of the information security professional.

We're doing that by launching a brand new platform called Aspen. It's code name Aspen, and you can google You'll be able to see that we're able to provide a holistic student experience, where a student will get to a classroom, they will then be able to print the evaluations and be able to take the exams. They'll be able to get to a bookstore that provides them with courses beyond the five day CH program. They'll be able to see some of the most cutting edge videos, so that they can increase their knowledge after they have attained their Certified Ethical Hacker credential. They will have, through this platform, ability to be able to interact and connect with other information security experts from around the world.

So it's a completely aggressive, expansive platform that will allow the learner to actually learn throughout their lifespan, and we're very excited to be able to bring that experience to the user through our respected and highly accredited training partners from all across the world.

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