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Video: Mike Meyers on the new CompTIA A+ exams


So you’re a good IT technician, you might even be a brilliant one. But how do you prove to me that you have skills necessary to work on my computer? This is where the CompTIA comes in. Almost all of the tech industry has something to do with CompTIA, all the big names are members including: Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Cisco and even several governments.

CompTIA is very well known for its A+ certification. It’s considered a benchmark and stepping stone for people who want to enter the IT World. It’s also the industry standard for computer support technicians.

It's part of the certification track for corporations such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco and Novell, and has become a requirement for their engineers. There are almost a million IT professionals worldwide who have certified in A+ since the program’s beginning in 1993.

To get your A+ certification, you’ll need to take two exams; the 220-801 and the 220-802 exams. The 801 exam is more about recognising different parts and understand the different speeds and capabilities of equipment. The 802 exam is more about scenarios, such as how you would fix a hard drive. Or if something is not working, what steps would you take to fix the issue. Each exam lasts a maximum of 90 minutes and has 100 questions. They’re often multiple choice.

Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ all-in-oneIf you’re already a follower of CompTIA, you’d know that they recently updated their examinations from the 701 and 702 exams. This has stirred up a lot of questions and many people want to know more about the changes.

Luckily, when Firebrand was over at the CompTIA EMEA conference, we managed to catch up with bestselling author of the CompTIA A+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Mike Meyers. He helped answer many of our questions and talked about some of the changes involved. Watch the video below to see what he had to say.

Mike Meyers on the new CompTIA A+ exams

Video Transcript:
Hey everybody. It's Mike Meyers, the Alpha geek. I want to make a quick hello to all the folks over at Firebrand Training. We're here at CompTIA EMEA Conference. As you can see the folks here at McGraw Hill are selling my books and a couple of other people's while we're at it. I understand you guys have some questions about the new A+, and really, a lot of people have question about the new A+. Here it is, late October, and it's just come out. The two big concerns that we have, more than anything else, are some of the new technologies. In particular, virtualization is a big issue, not only in terms of how the A+ is covering it, but what teachers can use within the class room to make virtualization easier for us to get our jobs done.

The second big issue is mobile computing. In particular, we're talking tablet PCs and smart phones. Now CompTIA has thrown in an interesting bone in here, because they are bringing Apple into the game. So now, when we're talking about tablets, we're talking about iPads as well as Android, and
when we're talking about smart phones, we're talking about iPhones as well as all the different Android phones. So it's going to be a really big job, in terms of what we're going to be doing, and I'm going to be showing folks all kinds of amazing things they can do.

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