Monday, 21 January 2013

Will you pay five times more for Windows 8?


In a recent announcement by Microsoft, the price for a Windows 8 upgrade will increase by as much as 400%. The price increase will take effect from February 1st, when their three-month promotional discount ends.
Windows 8

This means that the current £45 deal for a Windows 8 Pro upgrade will expire in less than two weeks. Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc stated that the upgrade will cost close to £200, five times its original price.

LeBlanc also stated that the download copy will also go up and will cost the same as the boxed copy, which is the same strategy used originally with Windows 7.

When Windows 8 was released, it seemed like Microsoft was feeling under pressure from Apple and was willing to follow a similar pricing approach. Apple was selling its OS X 10.8, aka Mountain Lion, for just £20. But it seems like Microsoft are set in going back to their original pricing strategy.

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