Friday, 16 November 2012

Sale: Access to corporate computers

In a recent report by the BBC, Cybercriminals are openly selling illegal access to the computer networks of many of the world’s biggest companies for just a few pounds.

The underground network of cyber criminals is even renting out access to use the machine to design their own scams.

Criminals will have the chance to attempt a massive hacking attack on big companies by using them as a springboard.

The underground network that offers these servers, was uncovered by Brian Krebs, a security researcher. It took him two weeks to access the forums and gain the  complete list of the corporate networks offered.

Right now the site is said to have 17,000 servers up for sale but he estimated that about 300,000 have been listed since 2010, when it first appeared. Since the discovery of the site, it has been changed to members-only.

Brian Kreb stated that the site was a broker for hackers that already had access to networks from separate attacks and wanted to sell them.

"They maybe individual hackers that have no use for these but know they have value and are re-selling them” he stated.

Companies are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of hackers and are increasingly searching for IT security professionals to defend them. IT security has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the IT industry.

Taking the opportunity
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Become an ethical hacker and get paid for it
The average salary of an ethical Hacker is over £40,000! ( Aka a white hat hacker is someone who hacks and exploits zero days from companies who are looking to increase their security. That's right, they will pay you to find and exploit zero days in order and get rid all possible risks.