Monday, 29 October 2012

Exam tips and preparation: CompTIA Network+

The Network+ certification demonstrates that the professional has a strong understanding of networking arena, focusing mainly installing, troubleshooting and maintaining basic networks.

The Network+ exam is vendor natural. This means that the certification does not focus on one company’s product. Instead it focuses on larger range of technologies, services, hardware and software.

CompTIA Network+ logoThe Network+ cert is very well known in the industry and has great value in the marketplace. The average salary of a Network+ professional is £28,500 according to

It proves to employees that you have the necessary knowledge to complete your task with minimal supervision.

This cert, and the A+ and Network+ certifications, will only be valid for 3 years after which you will need to renew in order to stay up to date.

The Exam 

The exam will cover the following 6 domains which include the following topics:

·                   Network technologies
·                   Network Installation and Configuration
·                   Network Media and Topologies
·                   Network Management
·                   Network Security

There are some additional changes to note from the N10-004 to the new N10-005 exams

·         The Network Security topic has increased in weight from 11% to 19%
·         Virtual Networking has been added to objectives
·         Network Devices and Network Tools domain have been integrated into other areas
·         Network Installation & Configuration is a new domain

It will consist of 100 questions. Most of them being multiple-choice and lasts 90 minutes.

To pass the exam you will need to get 720 out of 900. This is roughly 80%.

Tips for difficult areas

The following topics are the ones that seem to be the most difficult for students, so here are some tips to deal with them:

Wide coverage of networking topic – There is wide variety of topics, be sure to know all of them. Although it does not go deep into each topic, so basic knowledge will be ok

“Speeds and feeds”– this is hard as there are many varieties to these sections. For example: there are a variety of ethernet standards, with a variety of media types, a variety of speeds and with a variety of distance limitations. Try to focus on this area to remember it all.

Performing the binary math calculations – You should be able to have a given IP network and subnet it into a certain number of subnets to support a certain number of hosts and be able to identify the usable IP address range in each of these subnets.

Avoid distracot choices – remember to read through the whole question before answering.

Preparation Hints

Before you start the course and your exam, it is important to note that this certification is recommended for those who have a CompTIA A+ certification.

In addition, it is worth looking at the exam objectives found on the CompTIA site here:

Here you will find the topics that will be covered and also the weighting for each domain.

Good luck.