Monday, 10 September 2012

Certified CompTIA Network+ technicians recruited by Apple

Smartphones and tablet computers are being seen as the future making the demand for certified technicians with the understanding of building services and apps for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices like the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia.

In a recent survey by Computerworld studying the hiring trends in 2012, it was found that 61% of IT executives are looking to hire technicians with skills, knowledge and certifications in programming and application development.

In another recent study by CompTIA called “Trends in Enterprise Mobility”, it was found that companies are focusing more on smartphones and tablets rather than normal mobile phones. Thanks to these changes, companies like Apple are now recruiting more and more technicians for their Apple Consultants Network (ACN), which is a group of independent service providers and consulting firms who supply on-site services for Apple and general support for home users and businesses.

CompTIA Network+It’s been almost a year now since the ACN started to accept the CompTIA Network+ certification as a prerequisite for their program and many people have benefited.

CompTIA Network+ certified IT technician, Jonathon Praay from Preferred Computers stated: “When we were first approached about joining the Apple Consultants Network and getting the Mobility Competency, I noticed that CompTIA Network+ was now an accepted prerequisite. A few weeks later, I was enrolled for the next CompTIA certification class in my area," he added that "Mobile computing solutions are built on the networks they operate on; so when these topics came up in class I had no trouble grasping the concepts and challenges. This class helped me see yet another exciting application of my network knowledge in a relatively new area."

Apple LogoAs mentioned in a previous blog post, CompTIA Network+ is now an ISO, ANSI accredited and an internationally recognised certification. It shows that the technician has the skills and knowledge needed in order to implement defined network architectures with network security.

Jonathan Praay was able to use his Network+ certification to help him gain Apple’s Mobility Technical Competency Designation (MTC). The MTC is designed to certify that the Apple consultant has the necessary knowledge of the Apple mobile platform. Jonathan Pray added that “the CompTIA Network+ certification really enhanced my network knowledge, something I use every day," 

"As my experience continues to show me, this certification gave me a foundation to build on. I learned the basic standards and concepts as well as troubleshooting methods."

He continued to state that he “would recommend CompTIA Network+ to anyone who will ever configure/design/sell/manage Apple devices for a business to get their Apple Mobility Competency”

“I think its great when different organizations such as Apple and CompTIA can work together to find ways to reach a greater number of IT professionals with new and innovative programs."Description: