Tuesday, 4 September 2012

AntiSec Hackers state ‘FBI tracked 12 million iPones and iPads'

The hacker group Anitsec has claimed that it has gotten hold of FBI data containing over 12 million Apple ID numbers linked with tons of personal information.

AntiSec Logo
To prove the statement, they have released 1 million of the ID’s stating that “a million would be enough”.

They added that the information associated to the Apple ID numbers include full names, mobile numbers, addresses and zipcodes.

They have not included this part of the information in the release of the 1 million ID’s, only giving the Device Name, Device Type and of course ID.

Identity theft is among the many worries now in the mind of millions of iPhone and iPad users who can now check if their device is on the list.

An identifier has been released which checks if your ID is in AntiSec’s list (put together by The Next Web). All you have to do is find your ID number in the summary section on iTunes once your device is plugged in, then copy the 20+ characters into the identifier found here: