Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Highest Paying IT Skills

IT professionals with the right tech skills are netting a £50,000+ salary and are high in demand. One issue many face with the fast developing digital world is the need for new skills. But older technology is highly in demand and many companies are competing for those who can deal with the tasks.

Here is a list of 5 top paying tech skills which companies are looking to get their hands on:

            1.    J2EE Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition
The Java computing platform by Oracle is one of the most popular languages used for writing web apps.

       2.    Hadoop
Hadoop LogoHadoop is an important up-and-coming "big data" technology. Hadoop is designed to gather huge amounts of information, store it, and then analyse it. One example of this is using it to analyse customers buying patterns.
      3.    Unified Modeling Language (UML)
UML is a visual language and is used to construct and document intricate software designs. It turns a complicated software process into a diagram.
      4.    PowerBuilder
PowerBuilder is a software development tool owned by Sybase. It is used to develop custom Web apps on Microsoft's .Net platform. It is one of the older tools, released in the early 1990’s so not that many know the language, making it harder to find.
Silverlight Logo          5.    Silverlight
Silverlight which we all know is a Microsoft technology. It is used to create media apps for the Web. It's Microsoft's solution to Adobe Flash. One issue with this skill is that it is soon going to be made redundant. Microsoft is now putting its attention on HTML5. Windows 8 for instance, does not support Silverlight. On the other hand, many companies that have Silverlight apps are still on the lookout for these skills.

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