Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cloud computing skills in demand

A new study of 500 IT and business professionals and 400 IT firms by CompTIA reveals that the evolution of companies to the cloud will result in change in job descriptions, and will lead to restructuring of IT departments in businesses.
The report reveals that more than three out of five companies are adding new types of skillsets to their IT departments to keep up with growing cloud requirements.
According to the report, the skills in demand include private cloud developers and administrators, departmental liaisons, integration specialists, cloud architects, and compliance specialists.
Types of Skills/Roles Companies Have Added to IT Departments
Skills to build private clouds - 69%
Departmental liaisons - 64%
Integration specialists - 63%
Cloud architect - 61%
Compliance Specialist - 44%
Source: CompTIA
The report shows that businesses believe that adopting cloud computing is having a positive effect on IT employment.
32% of the organisations said that they had restructured their IT departments, and nearly half of those companies built new cloud computing related roles.
To ensure that IT personnel have the new skills, they are being sent to train and certify. Two-thirds of companies in the survey who reported undergoing an IT department restructuring revealed that their IT staff had taken training to build new skills. “This training may often be initiated by the employees,” the study states.
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