Friday, 17 February 2012

Seven steps to help fight security issues

High profile security breaches on companies like Sony, Nintendo, and even the CIA have made a mockery of the so called ‘sophisticated’ security systems in place. It shows us just how vulnerable we are, against well-crafted criminal attacks. 

Security breaches cost companies millions of pounds worth of data, not to mention the stain on their reputation.

It is very important for businesses to protect themselves. Following are some good tips to start with:

  1. Look Back: Go back one year and think about the weakest link in your security. It could be a new network provider, hiring new staff, a new software, etc. Think about how it can potentially affect your security.
  2. Review and Update: Security procedures can easily become obsolete. And they often do.  Arrange a meeting with you HR, IT and review them, and update it with the changing times.
  3. Train New Employees: Train new employees in security. Everyone should know the rights and wrongs for security maintenance.
  4. Backup: Ensure your company’s backup is fully functional.
  5. Stay Away from Spammy Emails: In November 2011, one in 255 emails had some sort of malware in it and one in 8,300 is targeted attacks aimed at individual or a company.
  6. Cloud Computing: More and more companies are adopting the Cloud Computing form of storing data and running applications.
  7. Get in the minds of hackers: We've won the EC-Council ATC of the Year Award, and have taught people to how to hack in just 15 minutes. Our Certified Ethical Hacking course will teach you to think like a hacker and help find loopholes in your business’ security in place.