Wednesday, 29 February 2012

3 Apps to help you prepare for Microsoft Certification exams:

If you've taken the Microsoft certification exam recently, you've probably noticed how difficult the exams are becoming.  Below are three of the 5 apps which TechRepublic recommends, which will help aid your learning:

1. Transcender: Transcender has been giving practice exams all the way from the 1990s. It allows you to either choose a customised exam experience, where you take the exam in a way, which is most helpful to you. Or you can choose past exam papers, which mimic the actual cert exam. It also provides you with flash cards, which help you prepare and revise for the exam.

2. uCertify: The USP of uCertify practice test is that it covers a wide number of questions. A typical Microsoft cert has about 60 questions, while uCertify exams have as many as 360 questions. The software also has a chapter-by-chapter guide and explanations of all the exam answers.

3. SelfTest: SelfTest also offers a wide range of questions; roughly triple the number of questions from the actual exam. You also get 281 flash cards to aid your learning. SelfTest can be used in two modes – learning mode, which provides explanations of correct answers, and the certification mode, which stimulates the actual exam.