Friday, 4 November 2011

Internet Explorer Not Hot Enough Anymore

Since its inception in the mid 90’s Microsoft Internet Explorer has claimed more than 50% of the web’s traffic. Now though after more than a decade Internet Explorer is no longer the preferred browser choice for people.

Microsoft’s browser’s share currently stands at 49.6 %, which is mostly due to its almost non-existence presence of mobile and tablet markets, which according to makes up for 6 % of web traffic. Safari currently has 62.17% of mobile traffic, contributing to Internet Explorer’s diminishing share. 

Firefox is the second most favored web browser with 21.20% of traffic, trailed by Google Chrome, which has 16.60 % and Safari, which accounts for 8.72 %. As time goes by Internet Explorer’s competitors are continuously increasing their shares. The question now is, can Microsoft regain the lost shares or are they slowly but surely phasing out of our lives?

Fact is though Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still claims more web traffic than Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari combined. So the next question is, will any of the three ever claim the same position that the Internet Explorer has had for over a decade?