Friday, 21 October 2011

Sony Learns Its Lesson...

Entertainment giants Sony has won praise for its timely response to the second hacking attack against its systems. The attacks resulted in almost 100,000 customer accounts being compromised. reports that the the first hack attack earlier this year cost Sony more than £100m, not to mention the stain on their reputation.

Then, Sony did not notify customers until a week after it first detected the breach. This time around, Sony locked the users' accounts immediately and advised them to reset their passwords.

“Companies are far more likely to keep customers and maintain their loyalty when they feel the company is being open about potential problems,” Tony Lock, analyst with Freeform Dynamics said.

“I don’t think any customer expects companies to be perfect, especially given the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber attacks. What matters to customers is how companies respond.”

Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. More and more firms are realising the imminent need for Certified Ethical Hackers. Certified Ethical Hacking prepares you to be one step ahead of 'cyber criminals'.