Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Praise of Stupidity

Why employers start sweating hearing “IT training” from their staff? Because their brain is immediately redirected toward two magic words: budget and time out of the office. Software Quality Connection has published an article explaining the reasons why IT managers prefer stupid developers.

  1. The budget. No surprises: IT courses have a price. But sometimes it’s the only option if the company wants to keep in pace with IT innovations and be competitive on the long run.
  2. Time out of office. While you are training you won’t be likely to sit at your desk and keep carrying out your tasks. Whereas a loss for your company in terms of work done, which, traduced in IT managers jargon, means a loss of profit.
In 2001 Robert Chapman and Stefano Capaldo, inspired by the Accelerated Learning method, founded Firebrand Training. This method allows reducing the time out of office and its effectiveness is proven by more than 25.000 successful stories of certification and quality awards. IT training can take 2 days now and generate important ROI. Still praising stupidity?