Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What is Accelerated Learning?

Firebrand Training provides you with the fastest route to professional certification, through accelerated learning techniques. Brin Best talks about Accelerated Learning in his latest blog post.

He explains that, since the 80s, our understanding of the brain and the process of learning has dramatically improved; the new research has allowed us to rethink the ways that we teach, and consider their relevance in light of most effective learning.

Accelerated learning proceeds at a faster rate, and includes the promotion of a positive learning environment. Brin points out that "accelerated learning occurs when at least the following three elements are all present:

  • Learners are physically ready to learn
  • Learners are psychologically ready to learn
  • Teachers use appropriate teaching techniques"

Firebrand Training provides tranquil and distraction-free IT training locations where there are no time restrictions; which is conducive to learning. Teaching techniques, such as original lecture / lab / review process, assure a varied and in-depth approach to keep the day interesting and engaging. These methods have allowed Firebrand to earn recognitions and International IT Awards within the sector.