Monday, 11 April 2011

Choosing an IT course: Instructors can make the difference

Firebrand Training only selects certified instructors. The rapidly changing landscape of IT Training requires instructors to be always up to date about the subjects that they are teaching. Certifications such as MCSE, CCNP or CompTIA’s vendor-neutral Network+ would indicate that the instructor has closely followed the evolution of the learning environment and changes in technology.

Certification Magazine points out that there is an important difference between instructors with an IT certification and those with a degree. It is suggested that degreed instructors might not have kept current with recent relevant changes in the sector. Research and current evidence have recently highlighted the strong correlation existing between a successful classroom and the fact that the instructor owns a certification. A certified IT instructor ensures that the material being discussed is accessible to everybody and can lead students to greater success in the long-term.