Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cisco Co-founder Gobbles Up Turkey Sales

Michael Cooney of Network World reports that Sandy Lerner - the co-founder of Cisco - can now be found running an organic turkey farm in Virginia.

The 3,000-acre plot is the first Virginia farm to be certified both organic and humane, and also the first farm in America to generate certified humane veal calves. However, this isn't just about being humane and sustainable - it has become a $7m-a-year business.

Lerner's entrepreneurial skills were realised at a young age, when she sold her herd of cattle in order to pay her tuition fees at California State University. This enabled her to study Comparative Communist Theory with a minor in Marxist Economics.

She then founded Cisco with her husband, Len Bosack, in 1984. The simple beginnings of the technology giant were developed when Bosack and Lerner wanted to e-mail each other from their respective offices. They were restricted by technology - even though they both worked at Stanford University. The technology that they developed resulted in the multi-protocol router.

The rest, as they say, is history.